PETOYO mini will be the first-ever pet-themed experience store opening up on Bonham Road, Hong Kong Island

An inclusive environment made for both humans and pets where they can enjoy at their own pace the top tier pet grooming services and products that Petoyo offers.

Petoyo mini, the first-ever pet-themed experience store for pet lovers and pets in Hong Kong opened up on Bonham Road, Hong Kong Island, to deliver a brand-new experience to pets and pet owners. Petoyo has become a hot spot for all pet lovers with its addicting atmosphere of happiness and the sight of different pet breeds strolling around.

Our flagship service, the Japanese grooming style will also most definitely break into the market with flying colors. While your pets are enjoying the grooming service, pet owners can also enjoy a complementary beverage at our semi-outdoor cafe. Moreover, you can find some pet treats, like dog beer, French fries, and egg rolls so your pets can share the moment 

Petoyo service including:

- Grooming & Trimming 

- Pet Sitting 

- In-Home Dog Training 

- Mobile Vet 

- Door to Door Pick Up 

- Pet Ambulance Hotline 

The groomers at Petoyo are nothing but professional with more than 15 years of experiences and uses high quality shampoo and equipment to ensure your pets come out squeaky clean. With our superb all-rounded services, we guarantee that your pet will stand out in a crowd.

Petoyo strives to accomplish it’s mission paired with a strong innovative service model, of delivering the best experiences to both pets and pet owners. 

Petoyo mini @BonhamRoad, HK Island

Address: 65 Bonham Road, Hong Kong (Opposite to Main Building of The University of Hong Kong)

Opening hour: Monday – Sunday 10am - 8pm

Reservations or enquiries: 5208-1101 or